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                                   Not a Fool: Bottom the Prideful

        I, Nick Bottom, feel as if I am truly misunderstood and just recognized and perceived as a mere fool, due to what others believe to be as obsessive arrogance. But those of whom think of me this way could not be more wrong. I am no arrogant fool, but a gentleman with high self-esteem and pride in his abilities. There is truly no fault to me I am the cream of the crop, I am the leader of my acting crew, and the most dedicated one to work-ethic. My visionary and creative thought process is an inspiration to my fellow actors as I have been nicknamed “bully Bottom” by Peter Quince. Even though others tend to see my pride as my greatest weakness and fault, I believe it to be my greatest strength. My pride allows me to hide the vulnerability that others try to instill in me, allows me to complete an endeavor to become the best actor that I possibly can, and not allow myself to be someone else’s lapdog and follower, for it gives me faith in my abilities to a point where people believe me to be an arrogant fool. Pride is the key to what makes me, Nick Bottom, the best Bottom that I can be.

       Before anyone thinks of trying to strip me of my pride and call me in like a lapdog, let them know that I am no follower. I am much to dignitary and worthy to cry to anyone that I am weak even when it seems to be as if I am staggering. In fact my staggering comes about from the laughter of the weakness of others makes me stumble. I am often abandoned by my friends and fellow actors for they tend to feel uncomfortable in the presence of my greatness yet I find company in the things around me or perhaps I realize that the only company that I need is that of me. Do not expect to run after anyone if they intend to wander out of fright of my greatness. People mistakenly believe that I am nothing but a fool yet they themselves are the fools if they believe that by leaving me in an empty, dark, lonely forest, with no one to accompany me will make me run after them and beg to be accepted into their fellowship. If I ever do come about this circumstance I will sing aloud in that dark forest, just as I did in the past to prove to my fellow actors my strength,  and to show  new folks that I have no fear but am full of pride and self-confidence in my abilities. Folks who believe me to be a poor weak fool should reconsider for I am much too prideful a man to ever cry or plead to anyone. If those folks have not heard what I said to fellow actors when they ran away from me due to their nervousness of being in my presence, I will repeat it to them. “I see their knavery. This is to make an ass of me, to fright me, if the could. But I will not stir from this place, do what the can.” (Bottom 3.1. 121-123).  People seem to perceive me as a weak-minded fool, while others perceive this action and my nature to be manifested out of pure stubbornness yet a couple of other people perceive this action as a hiding of my vulnerability. I perceive this as just my nature of strength and pride in my abilities and who I am, yet the lone companies of shadows do cause one to feel lost. No matter what the reason or cause one thing is for sure and that is I’ll never be anyone’s follower and express my vulnerability and for those who perceive this as “hiding my vulnerability” so be it for a part of me believes it is true… yet know of me as a prideful man who has no weakness.

      The reasoning of people nowadays is often quiet disturbing and is filled with strange and bewildering philosophies. Through their own twisted philosophies people tend to mistake my pride and high self-esteem as nothing but arrogance and label me as a fool. Moreover, they also tend to believe that I live a lonely life. Firstly I would just like for everyone to know I am truly no fool but a man of true greatness yet my greatness is often criticized as arrogance and ignorance. These low-life scum-bags don’t appreciate my greatness or the reason for its being. I have strived endlessly and worked hard for this supremacy yet people are incapable of seeing this. I once told my fellow actors that, “…we may rehearse most obscenely and courageously. Take pains. Be perfit. Adieu,” (-Bottom 1.2.103-105). Are these not the words of a born leader? As folks can see I am no fool. My fellows look towards me for inspiration. Yet why can people still think of me as a fool? Who would look towards a fool for guidance? I am no fool. When my acting group loses its way I take control, lead them, and encourage them. I, Nick Bottom, am a hard-worker who takes pains in perfecting his already seemingly perfect acting. Other people blinded by my greatness seem to believe that I live a lonely life. This assumption is truly the most bizarre thing that I have ever heard. I would just like to say that I am very much not a lonely man for I am always in the company of my companions. However, I am willing to admit that my friends are quite awkward for they tend to find pleasure in staying on the ground and following me from there. Perhaps my friends also fear my greatness like many others. People often criticize my friends as mere “shadows” but I have no idea what they are talking about. Furthermore, the believe my singing in the enchanted forest to be merely an endeavor…a “lonely” endeavor to bring back my acting crew whom apparently told them that they ran from an ass whom those folks believe to be me. However, they could not be more wrong. Well here now is that beautiful song, “I will walk up and down here and I will sing, that they shall hear I am not afraid [He sings] The ouzel cock, so black of hue, with orange-tawny bill, the throustle with his note so true, the wren with little quill..,” (-Bottom 3.1. 124-130). I was merely singing in the forest due to my dedication to acting and my great work-ethic, besides my companions on the ground insisted that I sang for their entertainment. I must admit though that my friends are quite dull and being in their company all the time often makes one lonely. I also probably wouldn’t have minded too much if my friends came back. At least then someone who is not colorless and figureless is there to appreciate my superiority. I guess I must admit though as much as it hurts me to lie for it is against my moral conduct….that singing in the forest may have been an endeavor to bring back my friends….a “lonely” endeavor if I must. But let it be known that I am a proud, worthy, gentleman who is extremely dedicated to perfecting his already perfect acting. I, Nick Bottom, through unless hours of working will endure this pain to one day show the world my capabilities and erase the image of this arrogant Bottom that people believe me to be.                  

       Even though I have pride and complete faith in my abilities as an actor, my pride dedicates and tells me to my work even harder to become a better actor. I believe that one day I truly will be recognized all across Athens as “admirable Bottom” yet until that day comes I will continue my endeavor to be all that Nick Bottom can be. I would also like to compliment my own generosity by giving people of the public a taste of what I will eventually bring to the theater. Yet for some strange reason people criticize my wonderful acting to be annoying, disturbing, and a sign of arrogance and over obsessive self-admiration. They do not understand the obstacles that I have endured or the endeavor necessary to perform this way. I am seemingly mistaken as a nuisance more than recognized as a man of admirable work-ethic. Everyone questions my being and who I am yet all they have to do is ask my fellow actors of Pyramus and Thisbe to understand that I am no fraud. I am no wanna-be. I am a morally conduct man with leadership abilities whom strives to get the very best work out of everyone including myself. Don’t tell me you weren’t there when I gave a truly emotional speech to my fellow actors encouraging to “…take pains. Be perfit.” This one priest whom witnessed my acting of all the parts of the Pyramus and Thisbe seemed to believe that this self-expressive moment of mine came mainly from the fact that I wanted to be recognized for my hard work. He then complimented my pride of myself yet warned me of it also for it may turn to arrogance in which the showcase of my abilities in the public was according to him. He may be right for I have this unbelievable urge to show the world want I am capable of yet I have to admit I might sometimes get a head of myself but the ladies seem to find humor in the form of my arrogance and obliviousness.

       Ultimately, I am not the arrogant, full of himself, type of man that people perceive me as. I am a gentleman with admirable qualities and above all a great sense of pride. I, Nick Bottom, truly have faith and take pride in everything I do whether it pleases those who see it or not. I will never be anyone’s follower nor will I admit and express any vulnerability, again I am a man. The more criticism that I receive the more I embark on what others what me to call a “lonely endeavor” yet I take pride in my singing even if it is just to the dark and empty forest for I am truly dedicated to perfect my seemingly already perfect acting abilities. I truly believe that one day my pride will continue lead me to excellent work-ethic to improve and one day be recognized for my greatness. Until then no one will make a lapdog out of Nick Bottom as long as I have my pride.

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