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Original Poetry Inspired by Art
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The Listening Room


The quiet solitude

of the stone chamber

is quite deafening

with thoughts

The room was made

to help

breakaway and disconnect

from life and from the world

On the left of the chamber

a small opening

perhaps a window

to crawl back

into reality

The Son of Man


A lifetime of sorrows

Hides behind the wall

Of a person’s solid

emotionless face

However the face is not

concealed by the mask

but by the face itself blank

as a fresh piece of paper

he bites down on his lower lip

as he takes the blow

of another day and hides his feelings for eternity


By Yegina




His eyes wide open

Laying on the cold

Life is harsh to him

He has everything

But something is missing

That empty space

Beneath his chest

He has a question

But who can answer

They try to help

But make it worse

His heart is strained

He waited for the answer

But quit

And his heart did too

He stopped his pain

Not one more breath.



When one dies another dies too

Loved even though dead

The heart reaches far above

To love the world

But we try

For no one can take their love away

Their heart says it’s just a dream

They have just awakened

To see real cruel life

It’s dark even though their eyes are not shut

Thinking they can open their eyes

And there will be light

But time has passed

Their world has collapsed.

 By Karla C.